Press release of the 1999-10-31

DateLib (TM) version 33.310 has been released on Aminet®

Dipl.-Inform. Kai Hofmann has released a new version of its portable DateLib (TM) for the Amiga® in Aminet® (Linux and Windows versions will follow).

The DateLib (TM) is capable of any kind of date and time conversions. The DateLib (TM) additionally manipulates a huge time span (year 8 till 8000) which is historically correct. Daylight savings time (including the two change-over days) is also handled correctly in regard to the worldwide time zones. Six different calendar systems are supported with names for months and weekdays presented in 21 languages. Powerful auto analyzing parsers for all date- and clock- formats make this library ideal for use in Internet applications. On its WEB-site one can not only get information about birth dates and death dates of famous persons but one finds also material in the area of calendars.