MonthNavigator is a Custom Class of the Magic User Interface © by Stefan Stuntz.
It's a subclass of group-class.

The idea of this class was born during developing my Gregor application.

MUI public custom class showing a field with the days of a specified month in a specified year.
The user decides if the names of the weekdays and the numbers of the weeks will be shown. Also it is possible for the user to set which weekday should be the day on which a week was started - the language for the weekday names can also be chosen.

A special feature of this class is, that it correctly handles October 1582. In this month the days 5-14 didn't exist, because they were removed by the Gregorian calendar reform. This calendar reform happens in different years for different countries, so the user can set his country with the user preferences.

Users can change the display of MonthNavigator with the following features:

MonthNavigator supports also the following features which might be of interest for developers:

The MonthNavigator also supports three input modes: read-only, relverify and the immediate mode.


Download latest version (16.8):

MCC_MonthNavi.lha (300928)


Read-Only with frames.

Read-Only without frames.


Showing invisible fields

With lines

October 1582



Country support


Frames and fields

Highlight prev/next month days

Highlight today